ALD-800/EO3 RX Replacement Receiver

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RFD Hearing assistance receiver (order EB-800 earphones separately)
Pocket-sized RF receiver for personal listening assistance.

  • Any number of ALD-800 receivers can be used with a single ALD-800T transmitter
  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Preset to one of eight auditory assistance channels
  • Provides up to 130 dB SPL for hearing assistance
  • Volume control adjust
  • Antenna integral with earphone cord
  • Mini binaural EB-800 earbud, earphones included
  • LED “power on” indicator
  • Accepts standard 9V alkaline battery

    The ALD-800 RF wireless hearing assistance system is engineered for top value and performance by nady Systems - one of the world's leading wireless microphone manufacturers and a long established producer of state-of-the-art infrared listening devices. Combining advanced design, high quality construction and the most cost effective pricing available, the Nady ALD-800 is in full compliance with ADA regulations.

    The system consists of one wireless transmitter and one or more pre-tuned portable wireless receivers. The transmitter features eight factory switchable channels; the receivers are single-channel units that operate on one of eight frequencies in the 72-76 MHz radio band, with wideband modulation for superior quality audio. Unlike infrared listening systems, the ALD-800 can be used both outdoors and indoors in bright light without affecting performance.

    The ALD-800 is designed to meet the requirements of virtually all large area hearing assistance applications, from small meeting rooms, mid-sized houses of worship, to large movie theaters. The ALD-800 provides high quality hearing assistance to any number of audience members without seating restrictions. The system has a wireless operating range of up to 300 feet and greater — more than is required even for large area venues. The transmitter provides a rear panel 1/4” jack to connect to the line-out or tape-out from a venue’s existing sound system, and a 1/4” front panel direct input for an optional operator microphone. The transmitter broadcasts the audio as an FM radio signal. Audience members who desire listening assistance are supplied with a pocket size Nady receiver with adjustable volume control and comfortable, high performance earphones.

    The ALD-800 system is expandable - one transmitter will provide audio to a limitless number of receivers. With its cutting edge features, performance and pricing, the NADY ALD-800 is the best choice in assistive listening systems available today.