Nady LT-1100 Replacement Wireless Bodypack for U-1100/U-2100 Lapel or Headset systems

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LT-1100 Replacement Wireless Bodypack for Lapel and Headset Microphones for U-1100/U-2100 LT system


  • Compatible with Nady U-1100 and U-2100 wireless systems
  • Requires a lavalier or headset microphone with a 3.5 mm TS locking plug. Compatible with all Nady lavalier and HeadMic™ series microphones
  • Manually selectable channel with Up/Down recessed buttons or automatically, using the ASC feature. LCD display (with back lighting) indicates Channel and Frequency Selected, Battery Level statusSliding Off/ Mute/On power switch with mute on/off LED allows convenient audio muting with the transmitter on
  • Convenient, economical operation with two AA alkaline or NiMH batteries. Compact housing, metal belt clip, durable external attached antenna.


 Nady LM-14/O Omnidirectional Lapel Microphone with 3.5mm locking plug for use with bodypack transmitters - 4’ cable, Windscreen, and Clip

 The Nady LM 14O Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic is a lavalier/lapel unidirectional microphone with a 3.5mm mini locking plug for use, includes windscreen and integrated clip.


  • 3.5mm locking plug
  • Omnidirectional pattern picks up the sound
  • 5mm microphone capsule
  • For use with bodypack transmitters
  • 4’ cable



Is my system band A or band B?

 Here is how to determine the operating band of a system component:

Bodypack Transmitter (LT or GT): Open the battery compartment and look for the letter "A" or "B"