Guitar Effects Pedal 4-Pack - Flanger + Tubescreamer + Tremolo + Tube Amp Simulator

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Get all four of the Nady guitar effects pedals for $84.99 -- Free shipping!





The best sounding and most durable Flanger for the price on the market today!


  • Updated classic flanger design produces thickest stereo flanging available
  • Versatile Manual, Rate, Depth, and Resonance controls allow wide selection of swirling with incredible depth and intensity
  • Operates with 9V battery
  • METAL construction for years of road use
  • Bright LED indicator light (on/off)
  • Modeled after the popular BF-3


Nady TA-40 Tube Amp Superdrive


  • 100% Analog circuitry offers rich, warm overdrive sounds which emulate the power amp output stage distortion of different classic guitar amps in a handy foot pedal
  • Class A/B Drive knob controls the amount of odd harmonic class A/B power amp output stage distortion and together with the specially designed, musical Tone control enables an endless variety of tonal possibilities from ultra clean to crushing distortion and at any Level control setting
  • Operates with 9V battery, PAD-1 AC adapter optional
  • Modeled after the SA GT-2

Nady TR-20 Tremolo Pedal


  • Widest variety of vintage Tremolo guitar sounds available
  • Wave knob offers extensive range of altered waveform tremolo variations
  • Rate knob varies tremolo speed
  • Operates with 9V battery, PAD-1 AC adapter optional
  • Modeled after the famous TR-2

Nady TS-30 Overdrive Pedal


  • Classic design produces the warmest, most natural overdrive sounds. Perfect for all styles from blues to rock to heavy metal—
    the most versatile and best sounding distortion available.
  • Drive, Tone, and Level knobs offer optimum control
  • Operates with 9V battery, PAD-1 AC adapter optional
  • Modeled after the infamous TS-9 and TS-808