Nady SM-300A 8" 2-Way Active Studio Monitors - 150W (Pair)

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Nady SM-300A Studio monitors, 150W RMS (pair), bi-amped reference speakers, Bass-reflex, XLR and ¼” inputs

Offering exceptional quality and ultra-detailed sound, solid construction, and unbeatable affordability, the SM-300A speakers from Nady are the best value available in studio monitors — and perfect for all pro and project studios. 

The Nady SM-300A active nearfield monitor speakers provide high-quality audio in a compact and durable design, ideal for home recording, computer music, and multimedia applications. Designed for maximum accuracy, they allow you to hear everything with confidence. They also make a great pair of bookshelf speakers at home!

Able to deliver strong levels with low distortion, you can trust the SM-300A studio monitors at any listening volume. The rear panel features a volume control as well as a voltage selector switch for international use. Power and clip LEDs provide visual indication of speaker status. The speakers are magnetically shielded for safe use near video monitors and other electronics. 

The design of the SM-300A’s cabinet is entirely aimed at fidelity: cylindrical bass port delivers tight, punchy bass and curved front baffle reduces HF diffraction effects while providing excellent imaging not possible with conventional square-edged baffles

  • Active near field monitor with built-in 150W bi-amped power, perfect for studio work
  • Clear, transparent sound and full linear frequency response (35Hz-20KHz) for perfectly balanced mixes that translate accurately to any other system
  • ¼” balanced/unbalanced TRS and balanced XLR inputs for increased compatibility with a wide variety of audio systems and devices
  • Heavy-duty cabinet construction, with 1.5” thick curved front baffle for reduced HF diffraction effects and excellent imaging. Bass-reflex tuned cylindrical port for optimized linear bass response
  • Vertically aligned 2-way near field monitor with 8" woofer and 1" soft dome shielded tweeter—both magnetically shielded for non-interfering operation near video monitors


Bi-amped power: 140W peak/70W RMS for LF, 100W peak/50W RMS for HF

Drivers: 8” Woofer and 1” Ferro fluid-cooled soft dome shielded tweeter

Input connectors: balanced XLR / balanced & unbalanced ¼” TRS