In-Ear Monitor

  • ALD-800/EO3 RX Replacement Receiver

    ALD-800/EO3 RX Replacement Receiver

    RFD Hearing assistance receiver (order EB-800 earphones separately)   Pocket-sized RF receiver for personal listening assistance. Features: Any number of ALD-800 receivers can be used with a single ALD-800T transmitter Ultra...

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  • PEM-1000 Receiver Band 2 (Refurbished)

    PEM-1000 Receiver Band 2 (Refurbished)

    Refurbished replacement receiver for Nady PEM-1000 in-ear monitor...   Features Power switch switchable Built-in volume output level control Select button for choosing one of 100 UHF channels LCD channel display, stereo/mono, Signal/Low...

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