NADY Axehead Headphone Guitar Amp - Miniature Headphone Guitar Amplifier (Refurbished)

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NADY Axehead Headphone Guitar Amp - Miniature Headphone Guitar Amplifier (Refurbished)


Miniature Headphone Guitar Amplifier – Built-in amp simulation with gain, tone and volume controls – includes headphones splitter, audio and charging cables

Ideal for home use or on the move... wherever the music takes you.

The AxeHead is a perfect solution to personal guitar amplification: with its built-in amp simulation, it produces a very realistic rendering of what a real amplifier sounds like, from smooth and clean to heavily distorted. Dial-in the perfect amp sound with gain, tone and volume control. Featuring an auxiliary input to connect an mp3 player (phone, tablet, computer), it is an ideal tool for practicing and composing: Play along to prerecorded tracks (or just a metronome) without disturbing anyone. Practice your licks, scales and chord progressions along with any track with a great guitar tone delivered right to your ears, anywhere, anytime. 

Mini amp plugs directly into your guitar or bass for instant pro sounding audio… anytime, anywhere. Built-in amp simulation — tailor your tone, from ultra-clean to heavy distortion. With gain, tone and volume control

  • Perfect practice tool —listen through our headphones, crank it up without disturbing anyone around you! No need for bulky amp.
  • Includes an auxiliary input jack so you can play along with music, demos, or a click track coming directly from your phone or other smart device/mp3 player. All the necessary cables are also included
  • Ultra-portable… Fits in your pocket!
  • Up to 15 hours play time with convenient built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery —no need to change batteries. To recharge, connect supplied USB cable to computer’s USB port or optional AC adapter (note: only for recharging AxeHead™, not for computer recording)

Includes the following accessories:

- 1/8″ Headphones splitter (for mini plugs) allows two listeners at the same time 

- 5 ft. stereo audio cable (1/8″ to 1/8″) for connecting to AUX music source (phone, mp3 player, tablet…)

- Charging cable (USB to mini USB)