Neoprene Wireless Transmitters and Receivers Pouch/Holder/Holster for Guitar transmitter or PEM Receiver bodypack, Belt or Guitar Strap Attachment

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More flexibility & added protection for your wireless bodypack!

No more clipping your wireless system on your guitar strap sideways and hoping the open-ended clip will keep it there while you are rocking out! Simply put the whole unit, clip and all, right into the Nady Neoprene Pouch and attach it to your guitar strap or belt with either the Velcro wraparound stabilizers, or by sliding it through the belt loop option on the pouch. The wrap-over neoprene finger latch will hold your transmitter or receiver in place, allowing room on either side for the antenna and connecting cable. This is a standard size pouch for most transmitters and receivers with measurements up to 4” x 2.5”.

Although the Nady Neoprene Pocket’s main purpose is NOT to keep your transmitter protected from impact or liquids, it adds another layer of protection, and also prevents accidental changing of the bodypack settings.